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With our 35 year history in the Northern New Jersey area we have been servicing gutters for quite some time and you may notice the task brings to mind the several different types of equipment that are used to clean the gutters. So as journeymen roofers you can image that our gutter specialists are highly trained as well. You’d be right! Simply put this means we have the ability, desire and the willingness to “go the extra mile” to deliver a superior job, on a part of your house that is the second line of defense in the protection of your home or business. The gutter cleaning division of Bay Roofing and Construction backs up our commitment to quality by going above and beyond the norms of the industry, delivering a superior service to every home or business owner. This focus on quality is accomplished by using only top-quality equipment and highly skilled specialists.

Why Your Gutters Matter!

Your gutters and drainage systems are a crucial aspect of your roofing system. They need to be free and clear of any debris that will cause backups and pooling water. This water freezes and expands, pushing surfaces apart and creating gaps in your roof. These gaps will get worse and worse over time, causing leaks and costly repairs, that left unnoticed can deteriorate the structure as a whole.


Certifications and Related

Slate Roofing Assco

Our Gutter Cleaning Services Provide the Following:

  • Cleaning the Entire Roof of Debris

    Yes Cleaning the Entire Roof of Debris. ** This does not include removal of any staining on the Roof **

  • All Gutters Thoroughly Cleaned

    All gutters are thoroughly cleaned to facilitate proper drainage. This includes elbows and leaders (downspouts) as necessary. This does NOT INCLUDE any underground Drainage

  • These Services are Included at All Three Levels

    All maintenance plans (Copper, Gold, and Platinum) include the features listed above.

Choose a maintenance plan based on your needs:


Two (2) Gutter Cleanings Per Year: Spring and Autumn.


Three (3) Gutter Cleanings Per Year: Spring, Late Summer/September and Autumn.


Four (4) Gutter Cleanings Per Year: Spring, Mid Summer, Late Summer/September and Autumn.

What to Expect

  • Highest Quality

    Bay Roofing uses only the highest quality materials in any engagement providing the right tools for a custom long-lasting installation

  • Professional Craftsmen

    With more than a century of combined experience and one of the strongest workmanship warranties in the industry our knowledgeable and insured craftsmen will make a believer out of you!

  • Clean Work Area

    The attention to detail that is displayed by every worker and journeyman on our projects is evident all the way to the cleaning up of the job site.


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