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Historic Restoration

Period Homes of Distinction 1860’s to 1920’s

Yes, everything old can be new again.

Our level of quality restoration is fast becoming an important aspect of the company’s full spectrum of services for both residential and commercial structures and an area of such high specialization that it differentiates Bay Roofing and Construction in the marketplace.

Many owners of these historic homes of distinction desire to preserve or re-create elements of these vintage homes some times restoring the original roof material such as wood shingles, slate, tile or even metal roofing.

Equally other clients may seek to preserve the look of the original structure but substitute for modern materials that yield greater efficiency.

In either case well informed consumers know they need to turn to Bay Roofing.

The experienced team at Bay Roofing and Construction are master craftsmen in their industry.


Professionals come Certified

Master Elite

What you can Expect

  • Thorough Inspections

    Every member of our team is a highly trained and professional journeyman, our inspections of your roof are second to none.

  • Meticulous Professionals

    Many our roofing and construction clients reside in period homes of distinction. Historical structures ranging from the 1860’s to the 1920’s.

  • Impeccable Work

    Whether you desire to preserve or re-create elements of these vintage homes Bay Roofing and Construction’s reputation for quality and attention to detail are unsurpassed.


It cannot be overstated, the professionals at Bay Roofing and Construction take well-deserved pride in restoring the splendors and details of old roofs while respecting the integrity and intent of the original design.

  • Master craftsman
  • Long on experience
  • Thrilled customers
  • Journeymen in the field
  • Copper
  • Slate
  • Tile restoration
  • Proficient at perfectly custom-made
  • Built-in gutters, chimneys, valleys


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